Friday, September 2, 2011


So.....I am short on time as life is moving so quick now....last saturday we not only met our children but kept them for the weekend.
Our son took to his dad right off (previous day he did not want to meet us) and both have called us mom and dad since the first hour.
They are beautiful, intelligent and amazing children.  we are so in love.   Lol..
Of course there are the expected behavior issues but at this point nothing serious has shown.  Just some rules and boundaries that need to be taught.

All in all it was a perfect weekend.   This weekend the kids are being brought to us tonight and picked up Monday.  This was great until our house flooded yesterday.  Now we have carpets ripped up walls cut out and I am not going to cancel.  Everything is sanitized.  Perhaps backyard camping?  I think that it is good having a 'life' experience this early and it will show the social workers that we can take care of the problems quickly while keeping the children safe.  At least thats what my adoptive parent friends tell i am just worried about what the sw will say.  But i am not going to cancel over this.
Cannot wait to see the kids tonight.