Thursday, August 4, 2011

Am I Pregnant???

Some of my friends who have adopted call the process 'the trying to get pregnant phase....'
and then when you have a match you are 'pregnant'.  Sometimes this ends in a 'miscarriage' if the match fails for whatever reason.  Of course miscarriage is a harsh term considering how devestating such a thing can be.  Losing a match can be that heartbreaking.  The whole process can be very frustrating, heartbreaking, and painful.

So I sit here wondering if I am pregnant.

I recieved the good news that the social worker of the sibling set we want so badly has chosen us. 

YAY!!!  right?

But there is another step in that county that I didn't know about. 

The placement committee. 

The childrens social worker will present us to this committee and they have the ultimate decision on if we are the match for these children.  I am told that they usually go with the social workers choice.  I've also been told that the childrens social worker is very experienced and her opinion is valued, that she will push for us and make it happen.  She already weeded out the rest of the homestudies and will only be presenting us.

So...should I be happy???  Should I still be worried???

Am I pregnant???

I'm scared, apprehensive...and yet....I am filled with joy.

Somehow, deep inside I feel they are already mine, yet the logical me keeps saying hold on babe...don't get your hopes up.

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