Monday, August 8, 2011

Today's the day....

Friday was the meeting/conference call to answer the placement committee questions.

I thought I was prepared for whatever questions they asked LOL boy was I wrong!!

The biggest concern seemed to be how dealing with a child who has a similar past will affect me, will it trigger my own issues?  Honestly, I hate to sound overly confident but I am so way past any issues and triggers.  I have come too far in life to let anything affect that progress.  I have become a very strong person both emotionally and psychologically.  How can I express that to strangers?  I can only assure them that I do not at this time see how anything could trigger a past issue, but that since we will be so active with therapy/counseling that if I felt any uncertainties or unusual feelings I would promptly address it in therapy.
I hope that is a good enough was honest and hopefully enough to reassure them that I will have a good support system.

They are concerned for DH, how sometimes young girls when they are mad or upset will make false allegations of sexual abuse, and how would he handle that?
Our answer was if that came up, it would of course hurt our feelings, but we wouldn't be mad at the child.  We understand it is just a way of pushing away so they don't get hurt, testing how much they are loved, and that it would be something to address in therapy and work out why they felt the need to do that.

A huge issue was that we have been asked to use birth control (they will ask this of all families regardless of infertility/menopause, etc) during pre-adoption placement.  Due to past experiences it is of utmost importance that there are no pregnancies during the placement of these children.  They must be only children, and have the complete attention/affection of a two parent household. 

The children were abused physically, mentally, sexually.  They were neglected and lived in chaos and witnessed domestic violence (including in the last fost/adopt home).  They have had multiple placements.  Both were drug/alcohol exposed in utero.

So...even knowing many of the heinous details...we still want these children...

The committee will convene today and make the final decision.

I continue praying for the children. 

I will cross my fingers and hope that we are chosen. 

I cannot wait till this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ugh....I hate waiting....


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