Thursday, August 11, 2011

Excitement and fear...

So now we are waiting for the disclosure appointment.  The social worker who will be taking over the children’s case in our county will need to be able to come to the meeting as well.  We will actually have to meet with the children’s social worker, the placement committee, our social worker, etc… one big party.

We are very excited J

I am by nature a planner…I have begun organizing resources.  Getting things in place and ready for when they finally arrive.  We will be going to the schools and meeting the teachers, staff etc…finding out what special services they can arrange for children with special needs (in case that is needed).  I need to arrange tutors because they say my daughter is lagging due to the things that were happening in her life. 

I am waiting back from a family therapist on openings/fees.  I am arranging horse therapy, which is incredible.  The lady is just amazing with the children and animals.  I have friends who take their RAD child, and friends who take 2 of their aggressive children, both believe it has made a tremendous impact. 

Time to find a regular church too.  I believe that Christian fundamentals help to build a solid moral foundation.  We go periodically, but now with the children coming I want to establish a more solid church family. 

Most of all though….I AM SCARED.

I am terrified that I will fail as a parent.

I pray that our children come to trust us, and that they will be able to believe that we love them unconditionally.

I pray that they will find peace and be able to begin the healing process.

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