Monday, August 8, 2011

Is it me, or is it them?

I wonder how much more anxiety...


I am fine with the time the process takes, I am not fine waiting on a yes or no for the match...just tell me so we can proceed!  lol. 
I was supposed to know today... 

So now I sit wondering what happened?  Why didn't the phone call come?

The logical part of me says, they havn't called because they decided it was not a match.  They just havn't made the time to tell me thanks for submitting your homestudy, but we don't think this will work out.

The hopeful side of me tells myself that they didn't have time to convene today, or that my social worker was too busy to call and let me know that it is a match.

I can easilly drive myself crazy tonight thinking of the why's and why nots.

The simple fact is, they didn't call.  I am disappointed.  My heart hurts because I want to know so badly, and I am so scared that they are going to call tomorow and tell me no.

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